Foundations Underpinning
Underpinning of foundation - a set of works aimed at restoring the bearing capacity of the foundation and preventing damages to the building. The most common causes of foundation damage - subsidence and setting of ground, flooding, construction errors and errors in foundation arrangement.

Important indicators of the need for a building survey are: wall cracking, deformation of the roof, subsidence of the floor, setting of ground around the building.

Our specialists carry out internal and external building inspection and the surrounding area using modern technologies that makes it possible to develop the most optimal complex of necessary underpinning works. Inspection of the underground part of the foundation allows to determine the state of the waterproofing finishing and whether mistakes were made during its execution.
Works on underpinning of the foundation, depending on the characteristics of the building and damage, can be performed by the following methods:
  • Underpinning of foundations with a reinforced concrete jacket;
  • Pile underpinning of foundations;
  • Underpinning of foundations with the grouting technique;
  • Rot pile underpinning of the foundation;
  • Expansion of foundation base (reinforcement of the foundations with monolithic concrete banked earth);
  • Increasing the depth of the foundation, deepening the foot (deepening the foundation);
  • Replacement of the foundation, or part of it;
  • Inspection of our specialists will help to identify problems, choose the method and perform reinforcement of soils.

Underpinning of foundation
Normally, there are no standard solutions for underpinning of foundations, so an individual approach for every project is required.

  • Underpinning of foundations of commercial buildings;
  • Underpinning column bases;
  • Strengthening industrial building supporting structures;
  • Increasing the bearing capacity of private houses foundations;
  • Underpinning for new basements and pools.
Modern technology for underpinning of foundations
Machinery fleet from completely small mobile installations to modern complexes makes it possible quickly and cost-effectively to strengthen foundations of various scales. It can be an extension to a mansion, and a new residential or industrial building required a big scope of work.

The works are carried out carefully by methods of non-impact rotary core drilling, diamond equipment is used. Small drilling diameters allow working in destroyed, unstable supports, without any risk of disrupting the bearing capacity, collapse of structures.

Underpinning of foundation
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Collar grouting
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Underpinning of foundation
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