Soil stabilization
Problems with the soil result in destruction of the foundation of the building, its setting, cracking of load-bearing walls, irregularity of the level of the foundation plates and pose a serious structural failure. With more than 10 years of experience in soil strengthening, we have developed our own unique technology that allows us to perform work even in hard-to-reach places, in ancient buildings, to carry out underpinning work under houses and under large industrial constructions.

Soil stabilization in Miami
Soil strengthening in commercial and industrial applications

Soil stabilization in Miami
Most often, soil problems arise specifically under the foundations of large commercial and industrial buildings. Often, the developer saves on conducting soil surveys that leads to multiple mistakes already at the stage of laying the foundation. Later, this can result in setting of concrete floor plates, failure to withstand heavy loads in production shops, or at trade and warehouse sites; the formation of soil voids results in destruction of the foundation and cracking of walls; valleys and cavities appear in the floor surface; concrete plates settlement under machinery and under equipment in production.

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We performs soil strengthening at commercial and industrial facilities without interrupting the commercial and production process. Our technologies make it possible to perform soil strengthening under the foundations of large production machinery and equipment and under deep load-bearing walls. Soil strengthening is often included in the scope of works aimed at underpinning of foundations that is also performed by our specialists.

We can perform quickly and cheap soil strengthening in industrial shops, warehouses, factories or commercial premises with only a minor impact on customer service or production. On an individual basis, in commercial buildings, we can organize work execution in such a way that our specialists will go to the object between closing and opening hours.

  • We reinforce and strengthen soils;
  • Stabilize soils;
  • Carry out strengthening of earth foundations;
  • Eliminate the setting of buildings and structures resting on the ground;
  • Carry out the restoration and strengthening of sunk foundations.
Soil strengthening under building foundations
Strengthening of soils – is a technologically complex procedure that requires preliminary evaluation and soils investigation. During evaluation, the required approach is determined, the method which will be used for soil stabilization. Already at this stage, we can help you.

Because of the work, the strengthening of soils gives a reliable support under the foundation of the building. Normally, in this way we either strengthen ancient buildings, architectural monuments, or we correct the mistakes of new construction, when incorrect calculations resulted in cracking of the foundation, the foundation setting, or there is a threat to the stability of the entire structure.

Soil stabilization in Miami
We own modern technology

Soil stabilization in Miami
Our equipment is able to work even inside boiler rooms filled with apparatus, in warehouse complexes without logistics constraint, in crawl places. Non-impact drilling technique and non-destructive pressure during grouting allow careful soil strengthening under the foundations of any building.
We use advanced strengthening methods and technology
Our soil strengthening technologies allow not only to increase the bearing capacity of the foundations by filling all voids, but also to eliminate water cut. The low cost of materials, together with the high features indicated above, make it possible not to save on materials and pump any estimated amount of the material into the ground within a given budget. With setting of foundations, walls and individual extensions, they often rise to the design level.

Using the injection method, we have performed many repairs of commercial and industrial buildings. We have stabilized foundations, floors and load-bearing walls in shopping centers, at energy facilities, factories and warehouses. Applying to our company you will find a reliable partner for solving the most complicated and non-standard tasks. You are welcome to apply to our company right now - we will definitely find the best solution for your project!
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